Fireball Trailer CO.


About Fireball Trailer CO.

Fabulous trailer rentals with a lot of history!

We are the proud owners of the Fireball Trailer CO. The original Fireball Industries went out of business in the 1980s and abandoned the Fireball trademark. We bought our first Fireball Trailer in 2014 and fell in love with both the trailer and the brand! We now own the Fireball trademark and have made it our mission to revitalize the Fireball brand. Check our Store often for new products!

Products & Services

Fireball Branded Products

The one and only place to buy authentic licensed Fireball products is in our Store.


Trailer Rental

Rent a trailer overnight or by the hour. Fireball Trailer CO. is the spot for glamping, tailgating, parties, lodging, and luxury camping! Check our Trailer Rental page for estimated pricing. Call 720-295-2745 or email for booking and pricing.


We encourage Fireball trailer owners to meet, mingle, and exchange information on our Facebook page or on the Facebook Fireball Travel Trailers Group page. We will be adding more to this site to help connect Fireball owners, fans, buyers, and sellers soon!